Last night’s Late Show With Stephen Colbert featured the return of one of the comedian’s best bits: His Hunger Games parody of the presidential primary campaign, “The Hungry For Power Games.” The evening’s fallen contestant was Tuesday’s victim, Marco Rubio, a.k.a. the candidate genetically bred in a lab to be the most blandly inoffensive Wal-Mart greeter imaginable.

Colbert’s braying Caesar Flickerman impression sent off the Florida senator in style, with some excellent reminiscing about his brave string of third-place finishes. But the capper of the piece was also the high point. After showing the clip of Rubio teasing Donald Trump for his minute appendages—“You know what they say about men with small hands”—it cuts back to Colbert, holding up his champagne glass: “They win Florida?” It’s yet another excellent addition to what history will no doubt use as the primary journalistic record of this 2016 campaign.