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Stephen Colbert to bring some of his Daily Show friends to The Late Show

(Photo: Getty Images For Comedy Central, Brad Barket)

Stephen Colbert’s Late Show has spent the last 13 weeks beating Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show in terms of total viewers, and to guarantee at least another week of free pizza for his crew (assuming he doesn’t get fired), he’s lined up some special guests for his May 9 show. According to The Hollywood Reporter, that episode of The Late Show will be a miniature Daily Show reunion, with Colbert not only welcoming back all-time best friend Jon Stewart, but also Ed Helms, Rob Corddry, John Oliver, and Samantha Bee—all of whom worked with Colbert when he was just a lowly Daily Show correspondent, and some of whom now host their own critically acclaimed shows about politics.

Bee, Stewart, and Oliver have all appeared on the show multiple times, but this will only be the second visit for Corddry and the first for Helms. Unfortunately, Steve Carrell either couldn’t make it or wasn’t invited, meaning we won’t get to see a new installment of classic Daily Show debate series Even Stevphen, but Viacom probably wouldn’t let CBS use that name anyway.


According to The Tonight Show’s website, Jimmy Fallon’s guests on May 9 will be Aziz Ansari, Katherine Waterston, and Blondie, but maybe his all-time best friend will also find some time to stop by.

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