As basically every photograph of future Gotham villain Barron Trump makes abundantly clear, Donald Trump isn’t good with kids. There was the whole thing where he kicked a baby out of his rally, of course. But perhaps the purest expression of his contempt is the fact that he stiffed the USA Freedom Kids, that group of perky preteen propagandists you may remember staring at in wide-eyed horror back in January.

Well, now the Svengali of that adorably totalitarian girl group is suing the Trump campaign for failing to provide the merch table it promised them in lieu of a performance fee. And when a situation that ironic arises, Stephen Colbert can’t help but make fun of it.

Pointing out that the name sounds like it came from a first-generation immigrant— “USA freedom number one yes children kids okay”—Colbert details the controversy before introducing his group of USA Freedom Grown-Ups, because he doesn’t think that kids should be involved in politics (or the barrage of tweets Trump launches at anyone who dares criticize him, like all sane, reasonable leaders do). Presumably, these five actually got paid.