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Stephen Colbert’s ratings winning streak hits 7 weeks

(Photo: CBS Photo Archive/Getty Images)

Stephen Colbert’s hot streak continues, as his CBS-set Late Show is now entering its seventh week at the top of the late-night ratings charts. That’s per The Hollywood Reporter, which notes that Colbert—whose show once struggled to compete against rival Jimmys Kimmel or Fallon—is pulling in an average of 3.2 million viewers per night, as opposed to The Tonight Show’s 3.1.

Unsurprisingly, those seven weeks line up pretty closely with the two-months-and-counting presidency of Donald Trump. As the country endures its ongoing ”What The Fuck?”, Colbert’s skills as a veteran political satirist are reasserting themselves, especially as he no longer seems to feel beholden to network late-night’s never-ending game of Celebrity Beer Pong. (Indeed, there are rumors that Jimmy Fallon is pushing his staff to be more political post-Inauguration, forcing him to play catch-up to Colbert for once.)


Of course, all this success comes with a big demographic caveat; Colbert is winning in overall viewers, but the coveted 18-49 demographic is still sticking with Fallon, apparently more into drunk Plinko with an admittedly charming Taraji P. Henson than blistering takedowns of Trump’s new budget, or Steve Bannon’s bathtub musings.

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