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Stephen Colbert’s Late Show won’t start until late summer

Illustration for article titled Stephen Colbert’s iLate Show/i won’t start until late summer

Earlier today, we reported that David Letterman won’t be giving up his Late Show desk until May 20. With The Colbert Report ending next Thursday—yes, that soon—common sense would indicate that Stephen Colbert’s Late Show would start shortly after Letterman leaves. Unfortunately, it seems like common sense is too upset about the end of The Report to do anything, so Colbert won’t officially be making the move to CBS until “late August or early September.” That frustratingly vague estimation comes from The L.A. Times, which says that the eight-month break will allow Colbert to hire new writers, build a new set, and put on some practice shows. Is it weird to be upset that his Late Show set probably won’t involve a giant desk shaped like a C?


The L.A. Times says that CBS still doesn’t know what it’s going to air during The Late Show‘s timeslot in between Letterman and Colbert, but it will probably be something predictable like a series of Late Show highlights or some kind of CSI spinoff. Anyway, CBS will reportedly announce Colbert’s official start date some time in January.

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