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Stephen Colbert’s career advice to President Obama includes whittling

(Screenshot: The Late Show/YouTube)

Even with November’s election looming, it doesn’t look like President Barack Obama is ready for retirement. The two-term Commander In Chief recently had a stint as the guest editor of Wired, an opportunity he used to share his love of well-loved sci-fi staples. And while he may not actually go into publishing, he appears to be embarking on a post-White House job hunt. The President got a little help from someone who knows a thing or two about moving on from a high note, when Stephen Colbert offered him some career counseling on The Late Show.

As you can see, it can be difficult to sum up eight years of leading a nation for a résumé that will be scanned by a recruiting site for job-hunting buzzwords like “detail-oriented” and “dynamic.” It’s how “saving the auto industry” becomes “drives stick,” or how opening a dialogue with Cuba gets reworded as “conversational Spanish.” (The lifting of the embargo on cigars and rum probably falls under “sales experience.”) Colbert’s office-manager persona seems to think the President needs hobbies to be more marketable, so it’s just too bad the head of state doesn’t whittle.


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