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“Stephen Colbert” rises from “Stephen Colbert’s” ashes on The Late Show

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Fans of “Stephen Colbert,” the pundit-parodying host of the now-defunct The Colbert Report, were delighted to see the return of the character on Stephen Colbert’s The Late Show last week. (It was also pretty great to see Jon Stewart back in righteous-tirade mode.) But, as Colbert revealed last night, he’s been met with reprisal for reprising that blustering persona, one that he created but is purportedly the “intellectual property” of some non-CBS network.

Because he “cannot reasonably argue I own my face or name,” Colbert the late-night host had to lay “Stephen Colbert” the character to rest (again). Luckily, Colbert keeps a spare handy, in the form of “Stephen Colbert’s” identical twin cousin, “Stephen Colbert.” This new guy seems every bit as patriotic as the former Report host and, since he didn’t attend Dartmouth, he’s probably even less informed. And if that short-sleeved American flag shirt is any indication, this guy likes to party and/or misinterpret the Constitution.


Now, there’s no telling how long this newest “Stephen” will be around, especially once the presidential race is over, and half the country is either in ruins or in the process of seceding. But, if he wants the job, it comes with its very own “The Werd” segment, which is not to be confused with the Colbert Report’s “The Word” segment, because come on, they’re totally spelled differently.

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