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Stephen Colbert raps a pretty good version of Gorillaz’s “Feel Good Inc.”

(Photo: CBS)

The Gorillaz are in the middle of the big media push for their new album, Humanz, right now, with Damon Albarn and his flesh-and-blood and cartoon crew stopping by The Late Show With Stephen Colbert last week to play a few new (and old) favorites. During the broadcast version, the semi-virtual band stuck to new material, busting out “Let Me Out” with Pusha-T. Today, though, The Late Show released a bonus video from the episode, featuring the band playing their classic single “Feel Good Inc,” with a special guest artist sitting in in place of rap trio De La Soul: Stephen Colbert.

Decked out in decent facsimile of the fur coat worn in the original video, Colbert pops up on the monitor behind the band, and proceeds to hold his own on the mic. (Even if he does have to replace the rappers’ “chocolate attack” with mayonnaise instead.) The talk show host’s flow might not quite match a veteran hip hop star’s, but it was good enough to earn a bit of reserved applause from Albarn, and cheering from the rest of the crowd.


[via Pitchfork]

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