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Stephen Colbert quizzes the cast of Good Boys, who, indeed, seem like very good boys

Keith L. Williams, Jacob Tremblay, Brady Noon, Stephen Colbert
Keith L. Williams, Jacob Tremblay, Brady Noon, Stephen Colbert
Screenshot: The Late Show

After a long, hard week trying to squeeze laughs out of unremittingly bad news, sometimes you just want to hang out with the boys. Strutting out to Jon Batiste and Stay Human’s version of Thin Lizzy’s “The Boys Are Back In Town,” Keith L. Williams, Brady Noon, and Jacob Tremblay just came to hang with Late Show host Stephen Colbert. And while Colbert tried to get the stars of the Seth Rogen-produced, sixth grade Superbad Good Boys to wild out just a little bit, it turns out that the young stars are actually kind of refreshingly normal and well-behaved.

Williams (so good as the watchful Jasper on The Last Man On Earth), kept repeating the on-set mantra “That doesn’t count” about the very R-rated capers he and his co-stars got up to at the behest of Rogen and director and co-writer Gene Stupnitsky. First kisses (on CPR dummies and “a real person”), swearing like grade school Jonah Hills, flinging sex toys all around the place—none of it counts, according to the kids, which is the sort of out most people wish they’d had when they were young. Colbert kept trying to get his young guests in trouble, but even Good Boy’s “bad boy” Noon (who no doubt learned all manner of premium cable naughtiness on Boardwalk Empire) only supplied an adorably talk show-ready anecdote about stealing his mom’s wedding ring—to propose to another pre-schooler. Aww. Noon also played teacher’s pet, telling Colbert that, unlike his co-stars, he’s never appeared on a late-night show before.

As for the already acclaimed Tremblay (Room, 29 other IMDb credits at age 12, including an age-appropriately petulant and self-centered President of the United States), the award-nominated actor told Colbert that his first on-set kiss (with “a human,” presumably) was supervised by his mom. (She gave the good boy advice that girls don’t like a wet mouth, with Colbert advising a mouthful of Saltines, just to be safe.) Even a lightning round “Good Boys Gone Bad” quiz failed to uncover any child star skeletons (farts don’t count), leaving the obviously charmed Colbert to show off some of his renowned movement work as he joined in on the boys’ pantomime in-joke invisible ball game. Look, not every late-night interview has to be about nefarious political shenanigans. Sometimes you just need regular old shenanigans.


Good Boys opens on August 16.

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