The Colbert Report

Since the Late Show With Stephen Colbert doesn’t premiere until September 8, its host has done what many do when work is sparse and money is tight: he’s gotten a second job selling pizza. Now that the David Letterman marquee has been hauled to the dump, there’s room for Colbert to assume a sexy pose and inform New Yorkers and out-of-towners where they can find a slice of pizza on Broadway.


Sure, this is most likely a case of Colbert just being a nice guy, as scaffolding and construction vehicles mostly obscure the original Angelo’s Pizza’s sign. But we like the idea of the host going around the city endorsing things for quick cash. Who wouldn’t shop at a Barnes and Noble boasting a picture of Colbert reading his own book, or buy tchotchkes at a store with a cardboard Colbert stand-up playing with a smaller cardboard Colbert stand-up? The possibilities are endless, at least until the Late Show starts and Colbert begins raking in the dough once again. Then people can go back to finding their own pizza.

[via Mashable]