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Stephen Colbert is making a Donald Trump cartoon for Showtime

Donald Trump and one of his snake-like henchmen. (Photo: Getty Images, Mark Wilson)

Donald Trump is kind of a cartoon character, at least in the sense that he has ridiculous hair, his views are so twisted and evil that he almost seems unrealistic, his skin is a weird color, he doesn’t move around very much, he’s pretty stupid, people thought he was a lot funnier a few years ago but they’re really sick of him now, his golden house looks like the lair of a G.I. Joe villain, and also his hair his ridiculous (that one’s worth listing twice). Anyway, Stephen Colbert and Showtime are now going to turn Trump into a literal cartoon character with a new animated series about the Trump White House.

This comes from Variety, and though the series doesn’t have a name yet, it’s supposed to premiere this fall with a very quick production time in order to keep the show relevant with current events and—in Variety’s words—“Trump’s continuing antics.” The show is described as a workplace comedy that’s presented through the eyes of an imaginary documentary crew that is taking a deep look into the administration, with a particular focus on Trump and his family.


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