Photo: Bravo / Getty

Counter-programming is hard, especially when the other networks are airing a real, live apocalypse. So rather than attempt to bring pathos and humor to the inauguration of Donald Trump, The Late Show With Stephen Colbert is hosting a one-hour Zenauguration on its Facebook page, starting at noon Eastern Time. It will be filled with calming yoga and meditation exercises, hopefully designed to keep you breathing in and out in such a way that oxygen flows to your brain and you do not pass out while thinking about the real, live apocalypse occurring on all of the other networks, not to mention the petty, vituperative “debates” populating your Facebook stream. It is, in a sense, the Puppy Bowl to the inauguration’s Super Bowl—a healing salve against an overwhelming, bombastic spectacle of masculine aggression.

On the other hand, you could just drink all day, and that might do the same thing.