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Finally giving moviegoers something interesting to look at besides a bunch of magical dwarves and elves fighting giant dragons, Stephen Colbert has been confirmed for a cameo in Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit trilogy. This bit of wish fulfillment for both self-avowed Tolkien fanatic Colbert and fantasy fans who enjoy political satire was first hinted at in Colbert’s recent Playboy interview, in between discussion of his turn-ons and hi-fi system. And while Colbert only coyly teased the idea of appearing in one of Jackson’s three (as of press time) Hobbit films, The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed the truthiness of that quote (like what he says on the show!) with a “knowledgeable source,” that Colbert will appear in in at least one of them—though not December’s An Unexpected Journey. So that will give you plenty of time to forget you ever read this, and be totally surprised when Stephen Colbert turns up in one of the sequels to, say, assess the threat level of Orcs.


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