Colbert previously took on the childhood icons on The Colbert Report.

Of course political pundits would have something to say about Sesame Street’s recent move to HBO. And while Stephen Colbert is no longer the hot-air-blasting conservative blowhard he played on The Colbert Report, he weighed in with his thoughts on the move on last night’s The Late Show With Stephen Colbert. In a segment titled “Stephen Colbert’s Hot Takes,” Colbert laid the hammer down on Grover, Elmo, Big Bird, and even Oscar, complaining that HBO appears to have gentrified the street upon its recent move. Now, Colbert notes, Oscar lives in a compost bin and Big Bird’s nest sits in a low-slung tree, rather than just in a sort of wooden garage thing. As Colbert hastily notes without research—thus fitting the segment’s “hot takes” moniker—he “not likes” the move, claiming that “after 45 years,” he’s going to have to finally stop watching the show, choosing instead to take his color lessons from Orange Is The New Black. Take that, premium cable.