(Screengrab: The Late Show With Stephen Colbert)

After 80 years, the Republican National Convention has returned to the city of Cleveland, which we hope is still basking in the afterglow of its first NBA championship to take some of the edge off. The weeklong event kicks off today, having long since settled on a theme involving “making” America various things again (though not actually making things in America)—making it “great,” “work,” and “one” again, all with the aid of some divisive rhetoric.

The round-the-clock coverage of the event has already begun, including some on-site reporting/skewering from The Late Show, whose host has already tried to shut the whole thing down.


Colbert’s also invited his former Daily Show boss Jon Stewart to join him in analyzing presidential candidate Donald Trump’s narrow-minded vision for the country. Ahead of their reunion, Colbert filmed a sketch at the RNC, shortly before crashing the stage in full Caesar Flickerman gear.

Colbert wasn’t on stage long before being chased off by security, but he needed less than a minute to kick off the “Hungry For Power Games.” The latest installment has already seen an alliance between Trump and Indiana governor Mike Pence, complete with an unseemly house sigil. Colbert-as-Flickerman’s parting shot—that Trump doesn’t have a valid reason to be there either—is sure to find its way into tonight’s full Late Show episode.


[via The Associated Press]