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Stephen Colbert congratulates America on surviving Trump’s first 100 days

(Photo: CBS Photo Archive/Getty Images)

Congratulations! If you’re reading this—and you’re not some kind of just-born, hyper-intelligent “boss baby” capable of reading online pop culture news—you’re just a weekend away from successfully surviving the first 100 days of the Trump administration. In order to commemorate the event, Stephen Colbert devoted part of his Late Show monologue tonight to looking back at everything that’s been accomplished in the past three-and-some-change months. Not by the Trump camp, obviously—they’ve been too busy realizing that running an entire country is harder than being a reality TV show-hosting Twitter troll—but by the rest of us.


“America’s never been better in my opinion,” said Colbert—who’s seen a personal rise in his fortunes since the inauguration, with the political climate getting people back in his late-night ratings corner. “La La Land and Moonlight won best picture—that’s twice the best picture in one year. And Bill O’Reilly got fired and now has to sexually harass people freelance.” It’s a pretty standard Colbert pep talk, mixing in plenty of jokes with just a hint of actual sincerity. “The point is,” he notes, hinting at all the protests and charitable donations that have cropped up from the outraged and the defiant in the wake of the election, “A lot has been done in the first 100 days of Trump’s presidency, just none of it by him.”

[via The Hollywood Reporter]

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