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Stephen Colbert challenges Alex Trebek to a good, old-fashioned beard-off

As we previously reported, Jeopardy! host Alex Trebek has grown a good beard. It’s gray and full (but not too full) and makes up, at long last, for the loss of one of the world’s most iconic mustaches. Everyone is happy and, we can assume, a whole section of the internet has been composing very funny jokes about it that pair a photo with the caption, “Who is daddy?”

On last night’s The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, we learned, however, that its host is not one of the many willing to embrace the newly hirsute Trebek’s grooming choices. Colbert, who recently grew quite a nice beard himself, called Trebek out for biting his style and accused the quiz master of “sporting a cheap Canadian knock-off of the Colbeard.”


“I have not been this angry at a game show host since Bob Barker tried to have me spayed or neutered,” Colbert added. He then challenged Trebek to a trivia face-off where the loser must shave his brand new beard, thereby depriving millions of TV viewers of a look that, really, both hosts should just keep.

Whether Trebek will be willing to risk his new scruff for a chance to flex his trivia muscles is still unknown, but, if so, it will be a sad day to see one face denuded again already. Who would win this high-stakes showdown is anyone’s guess. On the one hand, Trebek has had decades to absorb a wide array of obscure knowledge; on the other, the introduction of a Lord Of The Rings category would most definitely see Colbert win the rights to become evening TV’s lone, gray-bearded hosting wizard.

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