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Stephen Colbert celebrates Trump’s candidacy with “Shut Up, Dummy!’ campaign

Neil Young isn’t too pleased about Donald Trump’s newly announced presidential bid, but there’s one demographic with whom The Donald is already scoring points: male late-night talk-show hosts ages 50-55.

Last night, The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart called the news of “a billionaire vanity candidate taking the escalator to the white house” a “gift from heaven.” Meanwhile, the former host of The Colbert Report is in between talk shows, which frees up Stephen Colbert to mess with Trump until The Late Show With Stephen Colbert debuts on September 8. Four months should be enough time for Colbert’s campaign, ”Shut Up, Dummy!”, to build exposure and gain traction. It should also be ample time for Trump’s own campaign to implode.


Speaking in his best Trump-jagoff accent, Colbert agreed that Trump “will be the greatest jobs president that God ever created,” leading to the announcement that he would still be hosting The Late Show With Stephen Colbert. He then proceeded to deliver a scathing “appreciation” of Trump’s platform—which is built on a voyeur’s fascination with how loathsome America has become—and acknowledging that only a pumpkin-headed, diamond-encrusted billionaire can rescue this bloated, stinking corpse of a nation. He may not be the hero we want, but he’s the hero we deserve.

Like Trump, Colbert isn’t wasting any breath worrying about the unwashed 99 percent who have nothing to gain from a Trump presidency. And if you think Donald Trump is bad for our country or late-night talk shows, Stephen Colbert has three words for you, dummy.

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