The Flaming Lips, fun., Grandmaster Flash, Grizzly Bear, and Santigold will all appear at the second-annual StePhest Colbchella. The Stephen Colbert-centric Rocktaugustfest will be held and taped on the USS Intrepid, which is now a Sea, Air, And Space Museum in the New York City harbor. In a press release, Colbert says, “We are gonna rock the boat, which won’t be easy because the Intrepid displaces 41,434 tons,” also noting that, unlike Bonnaroo, his festival has cruise missiles. (Presumably this also differentiates it from the upcoming Coachella Cruise.)

The Pepsi-sponsored festival is free to attend, but interested parties will still have to get tickets from the Colbert Nation website. About 1500 people will be accommodated; for those who can't make it, a performance and interview from each artist will air nightly on The Colbert Report during the week of Aug. 13.