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Stephen Colbert announces his second opening night Late Show Guest

The Colbert Report

The pieces are falling into place for Stephen Colbert’s Late Show kickoff. First George Clooney was announced as the inaugural guest, then Kendrick Lamar agreed to musically bridge the gap between The Colbert Report and back-to-reality Colbert, and now the third-most-famous Bush is joining the fun. Clearly unable to resist the pull of politics, Colbert revealed the news in a tweet poking fun at the GOP’s vast stable of 2016 candidates:


Since Bush is such a jokester and good sport, he responded with his own tweet to play along:

This exchange comes a day after Colbert paused twice while talking about The Late Show at TCA to tweet and introduce the term “dry-Trumping” to the world, which describes his inability to mock presidential candidate Donald Trump on TV. The poor guy is apparently “twitching” to get back onstage after enduring the longest hiatus of his career, and although he won’t be harassing Bush in his signature alter ego, it’s a safe bet to assume he’ll twist more than a few laughs out of the situation while Clooney looks on calmly and handsomely.

The Late Show With Stephen Colbert debuts on CBS September 8.


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