(Photo: Trevor Noah's Twitter)

With so much fuss being made over viewership and inaugural guests, late-night talk shows have been framed as being in direct competition with each other. We at The A.V. Club have covered some of the shots heard in the battle for ratings, but hosts like Stephen Colbert have downplayed any possible rivalry. In fact, Colbert’s such a good sport that he’s just invited The Daily Show’s Trevor Noah to chat about politics—or maybe just the correct pronunciation of “zebra”—on The Late Show.

Noah will join U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon on the September 17 episode of Colbert’s Late Show. The newly-minted host of The Daily Show will have a chance to display his political acumen and Thursday-night quarterback Wednesday’s Republican presidential debate. Though it’s not exactly a soft launch of a new Daily Show era, it’s safe to say viewers will be tuning in to judge Noah’s stewardship of what’s become an increasingly reliable source of real news. But before he can get to any real Indecision coverage, Noah will have to get the candidates’ names straight.

[h/t: Deadline]