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Stephen Colbert and Scott Bakula Quantum Leap to stop Donald Trump

No one could have predicted that Donald Trump’s presidential bid, which he announced almost exactly one year ago, would be taken seriously, let alone that he’d so easily nab the Republican nomination. But that is the sad case of the present, though it’s obviously still far from being the darkest timeline. Stephen Colbert doesn’t think it’s too late to keep Trump out of the White House—last night on The Late Show, he teamed up with Dr. Samuel Beckett (Scott Bakula) to go back to 1950s New York to steer him away from politics.

Colbert unearthed a Quantum Leap clip in which Dr. Samuel Beckett (Scott Bakula) had quantum-leapt into a cab driver’s body, only to learn that he was driving the Trumps (née Drumpfs) around New York. So he enlisted Beckett/Bakula to chauffeur the young Donald (who’s already awfully orange) around again, and this time dissuade him from entering a career in politics. Things get worse before they get better—one potential future involves deporting everyone named “Paul” from America—but in the end, they appear to have gotten through to the kid. Which is to say that Trump remains an insufferable jackass, but at least he’s not pope.


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