(Photo: CBS Photo Archive/Getty Images)

Even though you’d think that they would never want to revisit the hellish 2016 election once it’s all over, Stephen Colbert and John Oliver have scheduled an onstage meetup for November 19 to discuss what transpired. The event will take place at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center and will benefit the Montclair Film Festival. According to a press release, it “will feature the pair in an hilarious, on-stage exchange on everything from their comic influences to the political season that will have concluded with the November election.”

The official title for the get-together is Wow, That Was Weird: A Post-Election Evening With Stephen Colbert and John Oliver. We’re guessing the past tense implies that these two figure that everything will turn out okay on November 8, and we’ll all be ready to have a good laugh—but maybe we’re just being optimistic.


The next edition of the Montclair Film Festival is set to take place in April 2017. Colbert is intimately associated with the Jersey-based fest—his wife Evelyn is president of its Board of Trustees.