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Stephen Colbert and his beard made a hilarious video to promote the Late Show

Stephen Colbert’s “Stephen Colbert” character may be dead, but Stephen Colbert, cover model for Homeless Sea Captain monthly, lives on. In a new online promo video for Late Show With Stephen Colbert, the former Colbert Report star gabs with viewers about his hiatus beard, even shaving it into whimsical shapes like “not Hitler,” “Amish,” and “the half Wolverine” in an attempt to get ready for his show’s launch this September. It’s as funny as anything Colbert has ever done, and the way the late night host blends a sentimental montage and the public domain at the end, well, it’s just masterful. Plus, there are some really gross shots of a hot dog covered in beard hair, so that’s something too.

Late Show With Stephen Colbert premieres September 8 on CBS. There are behind the scenes photos of Colbert and company, as well as an episode of the Late Show podcast, available now on the show’s website.


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