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Stephen Colbert and David Cross fight, make up in surreal interview

And now for some news involving Arrested Development and mid-interview tears that isn’t genuinely depressing. David Cross, who plays Tobias Fünke on Netflix’s revived comedy series, swung by the Late Show with Stephen Colbert last night to shed some pent-up heartache of his own.

After reflecting on their time as writers on The Dana Carvey Show, Cross gets offended when Colbert can’t think of a funny thing he ever saw Cross do, which leads Cross to storm offstage, obscenities flowing from his mouth. Of course, anyone who knows Cross’s brand of confrontational humor knows this kind of fourth-wall-shattering is right in his wheelhouse, but the bit does seem to be more spontaneous than these late-night skits normally are, and he and Colbert’s “come to Jesus” chat in the wings still ends up pretty touching.


“If anything, what I remember is just hoping you would think anything I said was funny, and the fact that you remembered something I said and thought it was funny means a lot to me,” Colbert says. “And I just want to say that everything I’ve ever seen you do, with the exception of the guy in Men In Black, was really funny!”

With fences mended, Cross then touches on his “cameo” in Avengers: Infinity War, as well as his upcoming standup tour. There’s little talk of Arrested Development’s fifth season, but, considering the lead-up so far, that’s probably a good thing.

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