(Image: Simon And Schuster)

According to Deadline, production company Anonymous Content has picked up the TV adaptation rights to Sleeping Beauties, an upcoming novel from Stephen King and his son Owen. The book is set in a small town in the near future where women become encased in cocoons when they go to sleep that transport them to “another place,” leaving the men behind to do “increasingly primal” things. It sounds pretty damn weird, but luckily the Kings will stick around to help Anonymous Content parse through that nonsense and turn Sleeping Beauties into a TV show.

A network isn’t attached yet, but two of the show’s executive producers are Michael Sugar and Ashley Zalta, who have an existing relationship with Netflix thanks to their work on The OA and the upcoming Maniac. That doesn’t necessarily mean that Sleeping Beauties will go to Netflix, but its biggest competitor does already have a couple of Stephen King shows, so this would be an easy way for Netflix to jump on that particular bandwagon.