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Stepdad burns money, goes full Eyes Wide Shut in its new music video

A.V. Club fans might know Grand Rapids band Stepdad for its theme song to Axe Cop, the popular web comic. The power pop group’s also had tracks featured on shows AVC-friendly shows like Weeds, Gossip Girl, and The Mindy Project. Now the group’s releasing a new EP, Strange Tonight, March 4, and The A.V. Club has the premiere of the first video. The clip for “Got The Bite” is a bit of a trip, with close up shots of girls eating strawberries and burning money. According to the songwriter Ryan McCarthy, “director Titanic Sinclair pitched [the group] the concept as Eyes Wide Shut on the beach,” and immediately (and understandably) the band was sold.

Strange Tonight is available to pre-order via iTunes now.

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