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Steep the beat: An EDM-themed tea shop is dropping in San Francisco in January

Photo: Michael Tullberg/Getty Images

In the most millennial news of the century, the Richmond District Blog reports that a 22-year-old is opening an EDM-themed tea bar in San Francisco. It’s called Gosu, and owner Joey Tran says the spot was inspired by the mantra of PLUR, which stands for “Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect.”

“It’s not about drugs or anything like that,” he says in an interview with Eater. “You know how you go into a bar and see people fighting sometimes because they’re drunk. But you don’t see that at a rave because we believe in the concept of PLUR. That’s why I incorporated that.”


Gosu will initially focus on boba tea and Asian snacks like bacon-wrapped avocado fries and “frushi” (fruit sushi made with coconut sticky rice), but Tran, conscious of the modern millennial’s peripatetic tastes, says he plans on routinely updating the menu based on the “newest trends.” Does the same go for EDM? ’Cause dude’s probably gonna move on to R&B by the time he hits 25.

As glitches, kicks, and wubs rattle guts and tea glasses, you can also play Super Mario Kart in Gosu’s gaming area, bask in innumerable LEDs, or watch Skrillex dodge bees on TVs peppering the intimate space. Gosu is slated to open in early January. No word yet on if glow sticks and pacifiers will be provided.


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