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Steady Hands offers the antidote to Tropical Depression

As the drummer of Modern Baseball, Sean Huber is often relegated to the background. Though he contributes vocals here and there—as he did on “Your Graduation”—he’s found a way to move more firmly to the forefront with his new project, Steady Hands. On July 28 Lame-O records will release Steady Hands’ latest EP Tropical Depression, and The A.V. Club is streaming the title track in advance of its release. “Tropical Depression” is a departure from Huber’s normal fare, shifting away from pop-punk and letting his Billy Bragg influence shine. Omitting Bragg’s socialist ethos Huber instead wanders in a drunken haze through Florida college towns in search of something better. Or at the very least, something to cure his depression.

Pre-orders for Tropical Depression are available now through Lame-O Records’ Bandcamp.


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