As the drummer of Modern Baseball, Sean Huber is often relegated to the background. Though he contributes vocals here and there—as he did on “Your Graduation”—he’s found a way to move more firmly to the forefront with his new project, Steady Hands. On July 28 Lame-O records will release Steady Hands’ latest EP Tropical Depression, and The A.V. Club is streaming the title track in advance of its release. “Tropical Depression” is a departure from Huber’s normal fare, shifting away from pop-punk and letting his Billy Bragg influence shine. Omitting Bragg’s socialist ethos Huber instead wanders in a drunken haze through Florida college towns in search of something better. Or at the very least, something to cure his depression.

Pre-orders for Tropical Depression are available now through Lame-O Records’ Bandcamp.