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Staten Island Summer will now hit theaters before streaming

Staten Island Summer

Looks like Netflix is hoping to whet appetites for raucous campground fun with some horseplay around the swimming pool: Colin Jost’s horny lifeguard movie, Staten Island Summer, will now get a limited theatrical release ahead of its online debut. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the comedy will now hit theaters on July 24 and streaming devices on July 30.

Staten Island Summer is a coming-of-age story about a straitlaced teen who just wants to cut loose before starting college. If you’re thinking you might have seen this before, you probably have: the plot is nearly identical to 2013’s The To Do List starring Aubrey Plaza, right down to the misfit lifeguards. But Jost’s film boasts way more current and past Saturday Night Live actors like Cecily Strong, Kate McKinnon, and Fred Armisen, so there’s that.

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