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Starz to try its hand at adapting the hit U.K. comedy Peep Show for U.S. viewers

Peep Show

As reported by Deadline, Starz has begun developing an American adaptation of Peep Show, the award-winning British comedy series shot entirely in a first-person perspective. Original creators Sam Bain and Jesse Armstrong will act as “consulting producers” on the project, and it’ll be written by Eli Jorne, the co-creator of the upcoming Fox comedy Son Of Zorn—which also features an atypical format thanks to its animated main character and live-action supporting cast. Deadline notes that there have been two previous attempts to remake Peep Show for American audiences, first in 2005 at Fox (with Big Bang Theory’s Johnny Galecki) and then at Spike in 2008.

We don’t know how the American Peep Show will differ from the original, but considering that Jorne also worked on FX’s Wilfred (which did make some changes when it moved from Australia to the U.S.), it might be slightly more involved that just replacing all of the English accents with American ones.


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