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Illustration for article titled Starz to explore the dark, gritty underbelly of ballet, which is dark and gritty

Always on the lookout for another TV series in which a highbrow classical tradition can be modernized through violence and partial nudity, Starz is developing a drama set in the world of ballet, that harsh, pitiless realm where 90-pound women are mean to each other. Inglourious Basterds producer Lawrence Bender and Breaking Bad co-executive producer Moira Walley-Beckett—both former ballet dancers, both of whom somehow lived to tell the tale—are behind the show that differs from Bunheads in that it is more explicitly “dark and gritty,” as it “unflinchingly explores the dysfunctional underbelly of the ballet world,” where you’ll find yourself ruthlessly expelled for your disgusting underbelly. Deadline says the series will center on a young female dancer at a prestigious New York company who's dealing with her “distinctly troubled past.” Such as that she was born a half goat-half woman with cloven hooves, which makes it difficult to do ballet? The description doesn’t say that, but maybe. It depends on how dark and gritty this thing is willing to get.


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