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Starz is so confident you'll love that Kelsey Grammer show Boss, it's already given it a second season

Never mind its iffy trailer. So confident is Starz in the unflappable, Sugar Daddy swagger of Kelsey Grammer that the network—in a preemptive show of support reminiscent of its early pickup for Spartacus: Blood And Sand—has already ordered a second season of the upcoming Boss, weeks ahead of its October 21 debut. In the drama that you haven’t seen yet but which is now implicitly worth at least two seasons of your time, Grammer plays a powerful Chicago mayor who often resorts to manipulative dirty tricks in a totally fictionalized play on Chicago politics, and whose ruthless quest for absolute Boss power is hindered somewhat by his secret dealing with a degenerative brain disease. “Will Boss's degenerative brain disease result in Boss’s no longer being able to function as the Boss?” you will be asking. “At least not for another season,” Starz has now answered.


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