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Starz cancels Boss like a bawse

Kelsey Grammer's Boss has bossed his last, as Starz has announced that it's canceled the modestly rated yet critically acclaimed series, like a bawse. Deadline reports that discussions are already underway about wrapping up the show with a two-hour movie, a proposal that—should they be able to renegotiate new deals with its cast and crew—could bring the series' total run to 20 hours. (Any inevitable rumors that someone like Netflix could pick it up, as all show cancellations must be followed by these days, have yet to materialize.) What is known is that the drama about a powerful, powerfully corrupt Chicago mayor brought a certain prestige to Starz, helping it to branch out beyond historical dramas in which people got naked and killed each other, which must mean that it was only canceled because liberals don't like Kelsey Grammer.


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