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Starz also gives up on Magic City

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After two seasons and at least 1,000 threats involving the wearing of body parts as jewelry, Starz has canceled Magic City, its drama about the most wondrous, mystical place on earth: Miami. The series about the intersection of mob wheeling and dealing and the thrill-a-minute world of hotel management never received much attention beyond its early episodes, despite lofty pitches that it was a ‘60s gangster drama that married Mad Men to The Sopranos. (The fact that the show was very expensive didn’t help its renewal chances either.) Magic City now joins Boss as another Starz drama to get a second-season pickup before even premiering, only to die an early death. It also represents a reversal of direction for the home Spartacus built, which seems to be increasingly moving back toward action and genre fare like Ronald D. Moore’s Outlander and Michael Bay’s Black Sails, and thus no longer has time for men brooding about their empires unless they’re gonna pick up a sword or something.


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