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Starstruck Kate McKinnon redecorates for Emma Thompson in this charming SNL promo

It’s rather a relief to know that even stars get starstruck. Promos for the week’s Saturday Night Live hosting gig are usually a series of nearly flat one-liners, but in this endearing promo for Emma Thompson’s upcoming debut hosting SNL in advance of her new movie Late Night, Kate McKinnon is all over the person she considers “the finest actor in the world.” She even redecorates Thompson’s dressing room (weakly protesting, “I didn’t do anything to it with my own money, certainly”), adding a tea set, an antique record player, and, problematically, a fireplace without a chimney.

If the record player breaks, the week’s musical guests Jonas Brothers are on hand to sing whatever Thompson likes, especially the “bangers,” says Joe (“Shaddap,” McKinnon expertly snarls). So as long as 30 Rock doesn’t actually catch fire, everything should be in excellent shape for Thompson’s can’t-miss hosting gig this weekend.

Gwen Ihnat is the Editorial Coordinator for The A.V. Club.

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