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Illustration for article titled Starman Jr. delivers potent lo-fi melancholy on “No Odyssey”

Starman Jr. (a.k.a. Adam Porter) may be speedy with his musical output, recording three albums in under three years, but his latest song gives no hint of that hardcore work ethic. “No Odyssey,” a plaintive and affecting track from his upcoming release Daydream At Bethel, feels laid-back and lethargic, the sound of a rickety porch at 3 a.m. as you’re debating whether it all means something more. The ramshackle production values add to the homespun feel, providing the gently strummed guitars a spacey and ethereal mood. Once the slide guitar comes in, it takes it somewhere new, sounding like a hungover Broken Social Scene in the best way. “This song is about wasting your time spent awake and then having boring dreams,” Porter explains. “Also not wanting to sleep but constantly being tired.”


Daydream At Bethel is out April 4 on Muscle Beach Records, a tape label the Mississippi-based artist co-founded last year.

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