The narrative surrounding The Sidekicks has always been that it’s the high school band that somehow worked. The Cleveland quartet quickly showed it had its own take on rough-edged pop-punk with its debut album So Long, Soggy Dog, but in the seven years since that record’s release The Sidekicks continue to change and grow, just like so many others do in the years after high school. On the group’s upcoming fourth album–and its first for Epitaph Records, set to be released January 20–Runners In The Nerved World, the band builds on the pop-rock foundation of 2012’s Awkward Breeds, with producer Phil Ek (Built To Spill, The Shins) helping the band reach the most richly actualized point in tis career. The A.V. Club is premiering a new track from Runners In The Nerved World, the anthemic “Jesus Christ Supermalls,” and while it’s not exactly a social commentary, the song’s still an apt post-mortem on the days of frenzied shopping that follow Thanksgiving. Couple that with a video that’s an extended shot of a psychedelic sky and it’s a perfect power-pop comedown after an overstuffed holiday weekend.