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Starbucks to sell (at least) one more book

If you needed further proof that Mitch Albom's words are demon fuel, PublishersWeekly.com reports that Starbucks' sales of his latest novel, For One More Day, have encouraged the chain to stay in the book racket (on top of the coffee racket, the crappy compilation CD racket, the snack racket, the candy racket, the ice-cream racket, and the seasonal doo-dads racket). Starbucks customers have bought 45,000 copies of the book in less than a month, so the chain is seeking another:

PW has also learned that Starbucks is on the verge of signing a deal to sell a second title in their stores. The next book is expected to be a novel by a first-time novelist. William Morris Agency, which scouts books for Starbucks and negotiates terms on its behalf, is said to be in discussion with a variety of publishers, though Farrar, Straus & Giroux has been mentioned several times as the likely publisher.


Leave your Dan Brown novel at home? Don't worry, an overhyped, mediocre work of fiction will be waiting for you at the counter.

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