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Star Wars writer sues ex after being threatened via Entourage reference

(Image: HBO)

In what may very well be the first time someone has been accused of threatening someone with a dangerous Entourage episode in a court of law, Jurassic World and Star Wars: Episode IX writer Derek Connolly has sued a woman he dated over threatening to “Entourage S7 E7” him. Rather than a vicious promise to make Connolly’s life so comfortable and supportive that people lose all capacity to give a shit about what happens to him, though, the threat seems to be centered on a plotline from the episode “Tequila & Coke,” in which Jeremy Piven’s character Ari is threatened with blackmail.

The threat, accompanied with the alleged posting of the couple’s texts to Instagram, was apparently issued as part of the woman’s demand that Connolly—a long-time collaborator with Episode IX director Colin Trevorrow, and the mind that helped bring Monster Trucks into the world—return some of her stuff. Per TMZ, Connolly also said she threatened to “‘gut” his identity and self-worth,” something her apparently encyclopedic knowledge of the works of Vinny, Turtle, and Johnny Drama will presumably help her to do.


[via Vulture]

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