Among the collateral damage of Disney/Lucasfilm’s deal to forge a new era of Star Wars—and distance the franchise from the prequel universe that had almost entirely consumed it—was the animated series The Clone Wars, which the company dropped from Cartoon Network in favor of focusing on the upcoming Rebels. But fans need wonder no more who might have won the Clone Wars, or whether those clones ever found clone-peace, because there are lots of other Star Wars stories that take place after it. Also, Netflix has announced it will air the show’s final “lost” season starting March 7.

It’s all part of a package deal that gives the streaming service exclusive rights to all Clones Wars episodes and the feature film, plus 13 never-aired episodes from what would have been its sixth season. Those episodes, dubbed “The Lost Missions,” promise that “some of the deepest mysteries of the conflict between the light and the dark sides of the Force are revealed” before never being resolved across years of Star Wars to follow. “Clone Wars—uh!—what is it good for?” a pensive Anakin Skywalker asks at one point. “Absolutely nothing.”