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Star Wars "filmumentaries" hit the web in full

By now, it’s no surprise that the Star Wars crowd has the market on DIY tributes cornered, even the aspects of the Star Wars Universe that most fans loathe. What other fanbase would sew together a fan-made scene-by-scene remake of a film? The fanbase that would also pour time into creating a “filmumentary” of said film, a sort-of mashup that takes the original film and adds in commentary bits, alternate takes, behind-the-scenes footage, and other fantastic tidbits. Jambe Davdar has gained a following creating “filmumentaries ” of the entire Star Wars trilogy: Star Wars Begins (2011), Building Empire (2006), and Returning To Jedi (2007). Previously, these films have been available in a variety of formats, inclduing torrents and YouTube (albeit in 10-minute clips). But late last week, Davdar posted the full version of Building Empire to Vimeo where he's already posted the full version of Star Wars Begins and a similar take on Raiders of the Lost Ark. Bonus points to Davdar for eschewing the Special Editions in favor of the original theatrical versions. [via Oh Have You Seen This?]


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