The journey of Fanboys from its lauded festival screenings to wider release has been a long and frustrating one for both fans of Star Wars and heterosexual males anxious to see Kristen Bell in Princess Leia's gold bikini. Unfortunately the much-delayed film doesn't look like it'll be hitting theaters any time soon if Harvey Weinstein has his way: Having reviewed the movie—which tells the story of a group of fans who travel cross-country to Skywalker Ranch so their cancer-stricken friend can see Episode I before he kicks off—Weinstein decided that what it needed was bigger laughs and less, you know, cancer. A master of "fixing it in post," Weinstein then hired Steven Brill to punch it up with the same subtle comic sensibilities he lent to Little Nicky, The Mighty Ducks, and most recently Drillbit Taylor, removing the cancer subplot entirely and turning the film into a mocking look at Star Wars fans in general. Naturally, the highly protective Star Wars community freaked, organizing a protest at Save Fanboys that calls for a lifetime boycott of all Weinstein films, beginning with this Friday's Superhero Movie (which most of you were probably going to boycott anyway). It also produced this amusing short that finds "Darth Weinstein" explaining his rationale thusly: "Kids don't like cancer. They like Deuce Bigalows, gigolos, and 50-year-old virgins and penguins that surf and shit." Hard to argue with him there.