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Star Wars: Episode VII’s Oscar Isaac also wishes Lucas hadn’t changed the original trilogy

Despite the fact that George Lucas isn’t involved in any way—possibly the best thing that can be said about any movie—people are still a bit wary of the new Star Wars sequels. Disney is doing its best to convince fans to give the new Star Wars sequels a chance, though, by giving everyone exactly what they want. That’s why it’s using actual physical sets that actors can touch and see without computers—just like how movies were made back at the turn of the century—and it’s also bringing back a bunch of the people who starred in the original trilogy. We may not have any idea what those physical sets will be like (beyond some leaked pictures here and there), or what those original actors will do, but at least Star Wars fans are being catered to. That’s all they ever really wanted.

Now Oscar Isaac, who plays someone or does something in Episode VII, has joined in. Speaking with The Huffington Post, Isaac said that the changes Lucas made to the original Star Wars trilogy—new computer-generated creatures, added scenes, Greedo shooting first, etc.—made the movies “less interesting.” It’s exactly what fans have always wanted to hear from someone who is actually working on a Star Wars movie, but Isaac isn’t willing to say that Lucas ruined the original films or anything that extreme. In fact, he even notes that, since Lucas “made the shit,” he should be able to do “whatever the heck he wants with it.” Anyway, one could easily infer from Isaac’s statements that these new movies will be just as good as those old movies, but how he feels about the original trilogy doesn’t really have any bearing on how the sequel trilogy will turn out. He’s just a guy who is involved in some mysterious way. Still, though, we got a chance to cater to Star Wars fans for a bit. They’ll appreciate finally getting some attention.


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