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Space is vast and unknowable, and we are all but distant points in a constellation of mysterious form. And so it is that J.J. Abrams’ movie about space has cast another obscure object, whose true purpose will only be revealed in its time. Her name is Christina Chong and she is British, in the sense that man-made borders can define us. You may have briefly glimpsed her in series such as Doctor Who and 24: Live Another Day—spied her like a passing landmark, whose déjà-vu illusion of familiarity only serves to disorient you further. She also recently landed the female lead in the digital feature Halo: Nightfall, which has not actually premiered yet. Nevertheless, you must trust that she can be seen in it, the same way you trust that there are stars and planets far, far beyond the limits of our galaxy. Sometimes these stars and planets have fights, and Christina Chong will be among them.

Chong’s role is described as “minor.” In the blank and inscrutable face of the universe, we are all minor. We are all playing a role as we sit here, musing on a future that is simultaneously a long, long time ago.


Similarly, Christina Chong’s role has already been filmed, so it exists in the past—and yet, as it has not been revealed to us, it is simultaneously in the future. Always in motion is the future. Always in motion is Christina Chong. Always around her is Harrison Ford, wondering if she’s related to Tommy Chong. Christina is confused, as are we.

What will Christina Chong be? What will we be? When will we know? Will knowing bring us satisfaction, or only lead to more questions? Why do the stars not answer? Probably too busy warring, I guess.

Star Wars: Episode VII – Being And Time And Chewbacca will be released in the cold December of the uncertain future. 

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