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Star Wars Cantina + Patton Oswalt + Jason Schwartzman + karaoke = Nerdist-fueled nerdgasm video

The Nerdist Channel just released a video that hits some very important demographic points: Star Wars fans, comedy fans, Patton Oswalt fans, indie-film fans, and karaoke. (Okay, that might all be one quadrant.) In it, the Cantina from Star Wars is populated by your favorite characters from that universe, who have all gathered to watch Billy Dee Williams do karaoke to "West Coast" by Coconut Records—a.k.a. the musical side project of Jason Schwartzman, who is also in the video. Patton Oswalt shows up as the bartender, and Chris Hardwick appears as Han Solo—and shoots first. It's more nerd-chuckle-inducing than flat-out hilarious, so don't get your hopes too high. George Lucas is already working on a special edition with new CGI, so look for that in a couple of years.

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