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Star Wars, but with the lightsaber sounds replaced by Owen Wilson saying “wow”

Photo: Warner Bros.

One might remember seeing Star Wars for the first time as a child, an awestruck “wow” escaping their mouth as those glowing lightsabers whooshed to life for the first time. Well, you can now relive that moment again and again with the below video, which replaces each strike of the lightsaber with a “wow” from acclaimed character actor Owen Wilson.


As you might recall, Wilson has a penchant for saying “wow”; in fact, he’s made something of an art out of it. Like Game Of Thrones’ Kristian Nairn, who conveyed emotions of every shade using only the word “Hodor,” Wilson has imbued his myriad utterances of “wow” with inflections both solemn and breezy.

We hear several of them here, though the most appropriate is the one that sounds more like “ow” than “wow.”

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