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Star Trek’s John Cho to take Selfie with Karen Gillan

Illustration for article titled iStar Trek/i’s John Cho to take iSelfie/i with Karen Gillan

Holding his camera at just the right angle and making the perfect goofy-yet-cute face, Star Trek Into Darkness’ John Cho has taken a photo of himself standing next to Doctor Whos Karen Gillan and, somehow, the ABC television network. In less metaphorical terms, Cho has signed on to star alongside Gillan in her new show, Selfie, on ABC.


Positioned as a retelling of My Fair Lady for this specific time period in which photographs of yourself are a cool and popular thing, Selfie focuses on Gillan trying to repair her image after an unflattering viral video tarnishes her social media presence. And if you’re wondering, no, it doesn’t get any more hip and current than that. Cho will play a friend and co-worker of Gillan who takes it upon himself to fix her personal “brand.” Selfie’s showrunner is Emily Kapnek, who also created ABC’s Suburgatory.

Unlike the most famous selfie ever taken, this Selfie will not feature Kevin Spacey making a funny face or Liza Minnelli being hilariously shut out of the fun. Actually, since she’s not involved in any way, it probably will feature that. Sorry, Liza. [via The Hollywood Reporter]

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