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Star Trek: Discovery to feature “sexy, vital” Klingons

(Photo: Danny Martindale/Getty Images)

Finally giving us an excuse to type the phrase “sexy Klingons” into an image search without immediately being flagged by H.R., the showrunners for the upcoming Star Trek: Discovery announced today that their redesigned Klingons will be “sexy and vital and different.” According to executive producer Aaron Harberts, these buff, bat’leth-wielding beauties are a legacy from departed showrunner Bryan Fuller. “One of things that he wanted to do was shake up the design of the Klingons,” Harberts said, adding, “There were discussions that got deep into their biology and sculpture.” (Insert comical Johnny Carson/Jon Stewart collar-pull here, and anywhere else as appropriate.)

The show’s TCA panel today also addressed the show’s frequent delays, which mostly boiled down to Alex Kurtzman telling Les Moonves, “We wanted it to be good,” and the continued aftermath of Fuller’s departure. According to Kurtzman, they “set about to protect and preserve as much of the vision that he had. Gretchen [J. Berg] and Aaron [Harbert], who worked with Bryan for a long, long time, are here because we all respect Bryan’s vision and because we felt it was the best way to preserve that.” Sexy gagh-eating contests and all.


[via Deadline]

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