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CBS All Access is beaming up a Star Trek: Discovery spin-off series with Michelle Yeoh

Photo: Nicholas Hunt (Getty Images)

CBS All Access remains in warp drive with producer Alex Kurtzman, who’s just announced the latest intergalactic adventure to join the network’s epic slate of Star Trek programming. Crazy Rich Asians star Michelle Yeoh will star in the new series as Starfleet Officer Philippa Georgiou, who you may recall from the first season of Star Trek: Discovery. When last we saw the character, she was receiving an offer to join the kinda-sorta-evil spy organization Section 31, and it’s in their ranks that Bo Yeon Kim and Erika Lippoldt’s new series will unfold.

Variety confirms that Yeoh will also return in Discovery’s second season, where the arc of Georgiou’s solo series will presumably be set.


“I’m so excited to continue telling these rich Star Trek stories,” Yeoh said. “Being a part of this universe and this character specifically has been such a joy for me to play. I can’t wait to see where it all goes – certainly I believe it will go ‘where no WOMAN has ever gone before!’”

CBS All Access is developing more Star Trek content than you can wave a bat’leth at. A Next Generation reboot starring Patrick Stewart’s Jean-Luc Picard premieres later this year, and the in-development Star Trek: Lower Decks will soon kick off what’s said to be multiple animated Star Trek series. There’s also the ongoing Star Trek: Short Treks, as well as talk of a “limited series” based on the Wrath Of Khan story and a teen-centric show about the Starfleet Academy from The O.C.’s Stephanie Savage and Josh Schwartz.

Discovery’s second season, meanwhile, debuts on January 17.

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